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Sonorities of Site: Aphids, Architecture and New Music 1998 - 2010
Artists book
Editor: Cynthia Troup
(Melbourne: Aphids, 2012)

Anna Tweeddale was involved in early formation of the editorial approach and analysis of the Aphids archive, as well as producing an essay and illustration for the final publication - Improvised Territories: Aphids and Architecture, reconsidering over 15 years of Aphids collaborative works from an architectural perspective.

Description: In its stylish combination of original research, writing and artistic design, this publication reflects the visionary collaborative ethos that made possible the founding of Aphids in 1994 as an independent, artist-led organisation. Part catalogue, part chronicle, part re-consideration, the volume prismatically evokes those site-specific performances created by Aphids circa 1998–2010, illustrating the essence of Aphids’ contribution to cross-artform practice in connection with the performance of new music.

"Of course architecture is often aligned with music on the basis of mathematics. It’s more unexpected to observe that architecture and music are experienced in embodied time. Both are temporal arts that inevitably—profoundly—shape our experience of the world at large … " - David Young

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