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Housing Capacity & Urban Form Study
Commissioned research project
(Melbourne, 2009-10)

This study was part of a larger project commissioned by the Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development analysing the potential housing capacity of the existing Melbourne metropolitan area. This project was delivered by a consortium led by SGS Economics and Planning.

One aspect of these investigations was to develop a classification system of types for existing urban form in Melbourne and, in particular, to identify what relationships might exist between urban form and location and density of recent housing development. These investigations were also used in the identification of potential strategies to enhance future supply of housing later in the project.

Anna Tweeddale subsequently authored a discussion paper for DPCD documenting the processes and outcomes of the investigations into the urban form of Melbourne’s established areas, identifying limitations and strengths of the research, and suggesting more detailed studies that could be undertaken in future.

Project team: Anna Tweeddale, Elizabeth Hamer
In association with: SGS Economics and Planning, Steve Thorne, Andrew Spencer
Client: DPCD (Department of Planning and Community Development)