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Dance / installation performance, exhibition
(Canberra / Melbourne, 2015)

Ongoing collaboration with James Batchelor, Madeleine Beckett, Amber McCartney, Emma Batchelor

"METASYSTEMS is a contemplation of human interaction with the environment from the individual to the universal. Documenting and translating the processes taking place at the construction site, METASYSTEMS deals with the tension between conceptual and physical realisation. It is a study of the body in the urban landscape and an analysis of how we create sense and order to navigate the unknown.

The work has grown out of choreographer James Batchelor’s studies of construction sites in Australia, Asia and Europe and was originally commissioned for the Keir Choreographic Award in 2014. It has since expanded into a series of short performance works dealing with a range of different materials, mediums and construction processes.

METASYSTEMS was developed in collaboration with visual artist Madeline Beckett and performers Amber McCartney and Emma Batchelor. Architect and artist Anna Tweeddale also joins the creative team, working on methods of documenting the live performance and has developed as a series of highly detailed drawings that capture the dynamic relationship of body and object."


Jul 2015 - Forty Five Downstairs, Melbourne (AUS)
Feb 2015 - The Canberra Theatre, Canberra (AUS)

A video of Duplication at Forty Five Downstairs is available to see on YOUTUBE.