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Concept/choreography: James Batchelor
Performers: Morgan Hickinbotham and James Batchelor
Sound: Morgan Hickinbotham
Set Design: Anna Tweeddale (Studio Apparatus)
Dramaturge & Video Design: Zoe Scoglio

in our second collaboration with choreographer James Batchelor we designed a set and lighting concept as a part of the Keir Choreographic Awards Semi-Finals in April 2016.

Inhabited Geometries reflects James Batchelor's interests in the confrontation between the body and external structures. James is engaged with the relationship between the inside and outside of the body, with its notions of outer exposure and inner solace. In his research for the work, James spent time on the streets of Melbourne, searching for comfort within the hard edges and crystalline forms of the city landscape. This resulting work, Inhabited Geometries, explores the slippery relationship between the roundness of the body and skin, against the stark geometry of the city. A connection between surfaces occurs: edges are softened, skin melts, inner and outer coincide.

The work was performed at Dancehouse (Melbourne) on the 27th, 29th and 30th April.

A video of the work as a part of Program 2 (second piece of four in the video) can be seen here on vimeo (link).