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Competition entry
(Sestao, Spain 2011)

Slow Urbanism was an award winning entry in the Europan 11 competition by Anna Tweeddale (Studio Apparatus) and Spanish architect Jose Luis Muñoz Muñoz (website link) who practices in Granada.

The industrial paradigm embraces simplification in the face of natural complexity; it attempts to make the physical world seem simple, intelligible, and measurable. This project proposes that future resides instead in understanding the inherent complexities of urban and natural systems; to see them as complicated, convoluted, and inscrutable. Operating in this new paradigm is not straightforward; it requires preparedness to slow down the process, to develop new eyes to see the world as it is and could be, and to engage with the unknown. Slow Urbanism therefore proposed a deliberate, delicate and incremental transformation for the Europan 11 Sestao site to a post-industrial paradigm, a process that could be imagined for much of greater Bilbao.

Following the collapse of Spain's construction boom, the project also embraces the site’s conditions of radical uncertainty – in terms of infrastructure timeframes, funding and soil contamination – by anticipating disruptions in budget, residential mix, and the timeframe for delivery.

Project team: Jose Luis Muñoz and Anna Tweeddale with Celia Martínez Hidalgo, Ramiro Villegas Erce, Marta Reguera Gútiez, Beatriz and Sergio.